About Us

Sathangai Communication Center

Sathangai is also an active social communication center that promotes Gospel values through social communication and mass media. It is run by the Archdiocese of Madurai. It was first established in 1981 as a small center in Madurai Town Hall Rosary Church campus consisting of two small units – performance and training – at the auspices of World Tamil Conference. Then it was shifted to Nobili Pastoral Centre campus, Archbishop’s House, K. Pudur as a full-time communication centre till the year 1988. Having realized its importance and its tremendous growth the need of spacious campus was felt. So the building for the center was erected in 1988 at Koodal Nagar, just opposite to All India Radio Station (Transmission), Madurai.

Now Sathangai Academy (Communication Center) is functioning in Koodal Nagar from January 1988. It has the complete infrastructure for academic activities, training and cultural programmes. It also provides residential facility (hostel) for students. Sathangai has its own 8 track – Audio – Video Recording Theater, which is known for its uniqueness. Sathangai, is also the commission for social communication and development in the Archdiocese of Madurai, its area extends to the whole of Madurai, Theni and Virudhunagar Districts and a part of Dindigul District. Rev. Fr. Vima Amalan is the founder and first Director of Sathangai Communication Center.

Objectives of Sathangai Communication Center

  • To teach and train the students in classical and folk arts, Karnatic singing & musical instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Tabela, Parai (thappu).
  • To train and perform grass-root stage performances using classical as well as folk arts.
  • To assist the priests and evangelizers in their pastoral ministry through video projection, video shooting. Performance Arts (variety cultural programmes, street plays, media trainings, media awareness programmes, etc.,)
  • To train and form effective social development workers and evangelizers, who are using arts and communication properly as the effective means.
  • To produce and distribute audio & video contents those are helpful for social development, media awareness, social harmony, educational aids and evangelical communication.
  • The conduct research on regional arts and their use in communication services.

The activities of Sathangai Communication

  • Teaching performing arts (Music and Dances)
  • Stage performance
  • Audio recording, editing and production
  • Video shooting, editing, mixing and graphic designing
  • Media education trainings
  • Media awareness classes and seminars
  • Catechesis and Evangelization through LCD projection in the Parishes and villages throughout the year and in the special liturgical seasons
  • Telecasting in the TV channels and broadcasting in Kodai FM Radio
  • Publications, production & distribution
  • Education to poor children
Sathangai Academy

Music Classes

  • Key board-basics and advanced
  • Guitar Classes
  • Drums Classes

Dance Classes

  • Bharatham
  • Basics
  • Diploma course – MKU - Affiliated
  • Certificate course - MKU - Affiliated
  • Folk dances


  • Vocal- South Indian music (Karnatic)
  • Basics
  • Diploma course – MKU - Affiliated
  • Certificate course - MKU - Affiliated

Other Activities

  • Rolar skating
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Silambam
  • Drawing

Media Production Services

  • Audio Recording Studio (Theater)
  • Facility: 8 track TASCAM Audio Mixer & Nuendo (Recording, Dubbing & Editing) software

You can avail this service

  • To record your commercial ads, school cultural programmes (songs & dramas) and speeches
  • To produce (record) Audio Cassettes & CDs
  • To test your voice